This website analyses and observes the activities of the „Stichting Antenna“ (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) and connected organisations (not always) listed under the label „Antenna Technologies“ at the website „www.antenna-technologies.net“ (screenshot 10.08.2016).


2016-08-10 18_02_25-Greenshot


Overall the network here summarily label as „AN“ (Antenna Network) comprises over a dozen often just informally linked charities and companies distributed over several countries. Antenna (NL) seems to serve as the technical hub, Antenna (CH) as the financial.  However, the picture of the website depicted above perfectly symbolizes the secrecy of AN behind a picturesque self-presentation.

The Netherlands can be regarded as a pioneer in trying to differentiate between public benefit or charitable foundations and all the rest by having introduced  the status of an „ANBI“ to the former. Stichting Antenna (NL) is not recognized as a public benefit organisation or a certified prosocial  organisation. If it is „non profit“ is one of the many open questions  addressed here publicly to an organisation with a nebulous history, a very special marketing, and a self-presentation which in central questions hides more than it reveals.

You cannot but like „Antenna.nl“ – on first sight. Some social projects, innovative ideas, and a lot of good will. I looked first at the site many years ago out of a private encounter. As so often you will have overlooked the fine print leading to the world of ultra high net worth individuals and cultic religion.

As you can see from documents posted here the climate between Antenna and me became more than frosty after I tried for over a year to obtain statute and financials of the Stichting Antenna. The result of an occasional visit was a surprising and false letter by its director and afterwards a regular visitor to this at that time deserted site, „www.securepayment.org“. Of course director Michael Polman is free to invent and write in a semi-private letter whatever he wants, but I think its publication together with our account of this event became unavoidable.

„Insight only for friends“ holds true for „antenna.ch“, a complex network of charitable and commercial entitities.

I do not like to be threatened by lies and strange suggestions. „Antenna Technologies“ raises a variety of questions which are not only of interest to an organisational psychologist. The false letter to and about me is just a surface phenomenon.

This is an investigative site and will develop over time. If you are curious, participate by contributing your knowledge about the Stichting Antenna and its activities (see Imprint).