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Attacks on this website
Wordpress sites are attacked frequently and also this website is regularly object to waves of attacks. If something is not working please let me know.

Research policy and a word of caution
Only publicly available information was used.
You noted that „“ does not lead to the same page as just „“? Your listings differ considerably? How come? Stichting Antenna is an enterprise with deep expertise in internet technologies operating several servers multinationally. It configures also its own domain and name servers.

Your data and this website
As everywhere system logs and here in addition the plugin „Wordfence Security“ record and store your access data for some time. Please use TOR ( or Jondo ( if you want to stay anonymous. If you try to login as an administrator or have an interesting address (e.g. I might get curious and look up where your IP leads to.

Linking policy
This website will be checked by the lawyers of the „Stichting Antenna“ and connected entities (see documents). Therefore sometimes I avoided direct links into websites. In these cases you have to „copy and paste“ – and look up yourself. In general, I check external links carefully, but cannot be held responsible if their content changes.

Tone and form
Stichting Antenna from its very beginning announced libel for slandering in a letter which itself may be perceived as such. But it is a semi-private letter, and Michael Polman surely thought about this and other aspects. I label Michael Polman here as a „blunt and bold liar“ with regard to this letter to set things straight.

I think slandering falls back on those engaging in it and matters are taken less seriously. The purpose if this analysis is not to win sympathy but to help you look behind the front-page of Stichting Antenna, which also does not stand alone in its intransparency. Therefore, if you think passages miss the right tone, let me know.

Comments and advice
You cannot comment publicly on this site. I would have to check and possibly edit problematic remarks. Please write to feedback /at/ instead. Especially advice on legal and technical aspects is very welcome.