„Not for profit, but for progress“?

by wb

Not for profit, but for progress“ – this is Stichting Antenna’s (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) published motto.  But what kind of foundation is it –  located somewhere between Wikileaks support and the secretive world of the truly wealthy, conservative churches and cults but also emancipatory movements, host of „oxfamnovib.com“ and „www.securepayment.org“?

Stichting Antenna operates under many names, offers many programs, and sends its signals on many channels. The signals can be hard to understand. In the organizational analysis presented on this website I want to shed some light on Antenna’s signals.

Stichting Antenna shares with all units of „Antenna Technologies“ impressive marketing competencies. But what is really promoted here? As benevolent as the entities look at first sight, as intransparent are the structures. None of the entities is a member of the many transparency initiatives in this field – and Stichting Antenna does not shy away from sending derogatory letters and legal threats if you want to have a closer look into the books.

The analysis should not be misunderstood as one of the users of services provided by business units of Stichting Antenna. Some users are certified in their contribution to public benefit, some are private persons or small interest groups. Stichting Antenna is however not an „Internet Service Provider“ (ISP), but a complex and intransparent private foundation also offering services like an ISP.

The analysis follows the standards of the  International Committee on Fundraising Organizations (ICFO.org), which are used in many local variations to  establish trust in a public benefit organization.  These criteria may not completely fit for Stichting Antenna, because the foundation only presents itself but is not recognized as a public benefit organization in the Netherlands. But in essence the standards formulate something you expect from every organisation with good governance: A maximum of transparency and information.

One reason for this analysis is that I received special signals being perceived as not „friendly“ to Stichting Antenna. In fact, close observation of the Stichting lead to a variety of questions.  As I wrote to its directors lawyer, I felt threatened when I received an obscure and false letter and this site was repeatedly  visited by „securepayment.org“ in its emergence. In fact, to receive a surprising threatening note containing (at least) one defamatory lie from a person before so soft spoken and overtly friendly is alarming. Mr. Polman certainly does not like research into his Antennas activities and finances.

I indeed think legal constructions like Stichting Antenna should be scrutinized because to know who profits is progress.

What can you do? Get a very cheap, possibly free, website and hosting from Antenna qualifying as a friend and supporter. Ask the management of Stichting Antenna to openly publish (1) the financial data for the past five years and (2) to explain why Antenna did not apply or did not qualify as an ANBI in the Netherlands. You may (3) also want to be very watchful when it comes to religious or ideological affiliations of your business partners – and externally verify corresponding claims.

Finally, if contacted, you may support this research on willful organisational intransparency.

Please be aware that this is a website about an internet provider and you will follow it on the internet – a medium in which things can be changed very fast. Please note also that this website is frequently targeted.